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Amunez International is already recognized as the tattoo paint specialist in over 27 countries around the globe.

Ireland, Australia, Japan, France, Austria, Italy, USA, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Holland, Greece, Canada, Switzerland, Hawaii, England, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, Korea, Malaysia, Belgium and South Africa.

  • Tracey Stoner – California – “I paid 10 Euro for one at the Athens Olympics and with a sample pack I managed 35 tattoos – great value – thank you.
  • Rick Holmback-Piggott – Vancouver – “at last tattoo sleeves that are affordable – I’m the cool dude at the night club every weekend”.
  • Dani Preyer - Forli Italy - "Lasted 20 days, fantastic, I'm hooked !"
  • Mizue Sone - Tokyo Japan - "Better than Henna or mehndi...this really lasts and looks so real...Fabulous."
  • Annabelle Furlow – N.Y. – “the kids took off with the kit and I kept the DVD – the best value buy I’ve made for a while – thanks”.
  • Dylan & Scott Peters – L.A. – “now we’ve used the product a few times we’re creating tattoos better than seen on MTV – neat product”.
  • June Toogood - Kalgoorlie West Australia - "Mine lasted six weeks, I couldn't believe it, now I want to start a Amunez tattoo studio of my own."
  • Helene Manfrida - Cap D'agde France - "...impressed by this product, we're ordering a 'pro-kit'."
  • Jackie Gross - Sydney Australia - "Once I got a tattoo, the whole family wanted too. Its daring and its fun...just love the response from friends."
  • Wander Skipworth – Boston –“not so easy to apply in the cold - but a trip to California and my DIY kit was the centre of attention – can I order a re-fill?”
  • Mike Perret – San Deigo – “everyone I surf with wants one – I could start a small business with this and clean up!!”
  • Julia Tolerado – Miami – “we see it one day on FTV – and we are wearing it ourselves the next day – really cool”