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Amunez International has created temporary tattoo colours... four in all.

Firstly – it’s very important for us to point out that our colors do not have the same “skin life” as our famous super black. In fact – our colors are only suitable for ‘coloring in’ tattoo designs. So – if you are doing a black design – say a butterfly or a flower – these colors are great. Skin life is about 2 days – but you will see from the price that there’s enough paint in one bottle to keep ‘touching up’ your temporary tattoo – and so inexpensive.

Here’s some more information regarding Amunez Temporary Tattoo Paint Colors. They were created so the color once washed looks like a REAL tattoo. Originally we made the colors very bold, but once applied they looked fake. We think you will agree that the colors really do look REAL.

When applying the colors, do so by painting in several layers. Good results have been reported by ‘rubbing the color paint’ into the skin with a cotton bud or paint brush. Allow about 5 minutes of drying time between each painted layer. Best result is obtained with at least 4 layers. Paint over the same area so there is a good buildup of color. The end result is that the color tattoo paint is “quite thick”.

To preserve your colors, do not wash the tattoo area for at least 2 hours after receiving your fact, the longer you leave it unwashed, the better the result, and when you do wash it, do so with care...not vigorously and not with a flannel, brush, or course material. When washing - expect color to be lost, as this is the residue of the built up layers. Each time you shower/bath do not scrub the area.

Use a moisturizer cream prior to swimming, and better still, apply some Vaseline on the tattoo to make it waterproof and the skin life of the tattoo improves greatly...suntan lotions will reduce the ‘life’. Do not bathe in super hot water, no spa or saunas. In the rare event a skin allergy occurs, apply a cortisone based antibiotic cream and keep covered up for a day or so.

  • Blood Red......................... a bold gutsy red
  • Ocean Blue....................... a deep blue
  • Brilliant Purple................. a startling bold purple
  • Forest Green.................... a deep leaf green

These colours are available in 50ml bottles, priced at US$38 per bottle. (that includes delivery by post) One bottle, used properly will do approximately 80 - 120 good-sized tattoos.  If the colours are used for "colouring in” (such as butterfly’s, flowers etc first drawn in black), one bottle will last for well over 200 tattoos.
IMPORTANT: The bottle must be shaken VERY well before every use

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Amunez Paint Ingredients: ethyl cellulose, methosulfate, titanium dioxide, distearoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium, methylparaben, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, and may contain: iron oxide, p-phenylendiamine, Cl1623, Cl15510, Cl45410, Cl44090, Cl42510, Cl11055, Cl56059, Cl12719, carmine, 4-hydroxypropylamino-3-nitrophenol. POISON. This product is not edible.