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Amunez temporary Tattoo’s available at these events/venues:

2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Beijing, China. August 8th – 24th

2008 Beijing Paralympic Games
Beijing China. September 6th – 17th

Nokia Mardi Gras
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. July 4th – 10th.

San Jose - Flower Festival
Costa Rica.  August 4th – 8th

“Rap and Roll” Concert
Lisbon, Portugal.  September 21st

Parade of Princesses
Bangkok – Thailand October 18th – 25th

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Temporary Tattoo Specialists

DIY Kit :: Temporary Tattoos :: Free DVD'sAmaze yourself, you don't have to be an artist, only tracing skills required, anyone can do it. Try our DIY kit, over 150 tattoos lasting two weeks. This easy to use DIY kit comes complete with everything you need.

Click here to find out more about this easy to use kit!

Temporary Tattoos

Amunez International
has been producing paint for temporary tattoos since 1997. Our product is now sold in over 27 countries.

Amunez products can be seen World Wide, especially at major events such as the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, UK and European football matches, Rugby World Cup and in the movie industry.

Temporary Tattoo Paint
Amunez products are utilized by every major film studio in the USA and UK – and by dozens of artists in the music industry.

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Our Products:
Note: All of our products are priced with the delivery to you already in the price. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery – in the event of busy order times. Most orders are posted ‘next day’ and take about 6 working days to arrive. We always email you once the order has been dispatched.

Amunez super black temporary tattoo paint
This is our most famous product. Easy to use, has a skin life of up to 14 days, looks fantastic – used in the movie and music industry. Priced so it’s affordable for anyone to enjoy. (More info)

Sample Pack
Allows for about 30 tattoos Plus a FREE  'Jennifer Lopez fashion bracelet'. (More info)

DIY Kit :: Temporary Tattoos :: Free DVD'sDIY (do-it-yourself) Kit
A complete kit providing everything you need to create over 150 tattoos PLUS a FREE  DVD movie. (More info)

Bulk Orders
Our super black temporary tattoo paint is available in container sizes starting from 50 grams. See our ‘products’ page for full details. (More info)

Amunez colors
These are easy to use colors – strictly for “coloring in”. The skin life does not match that of the super black. Usually a couple of days. Yet the product is priced so it can be re-applied each couple of days, giving the temporary tattoo new life with long effect. (More info)

What is Amunez Temporary Tattoos ?
In early 1997, Amunez International was founded in Australia, where a group of pharmacists and chemists, with the help of dermatologists created a laboratory formula for a new long lasting skin paint.
After six weeks of research and laboratory experiments, we created a formula that consisted of a chemical paint powder and a catalyst binding solution. When mixed in the correct proportions, and in the correct manner, a smooth black paint resulted. Artists around the world are now recognizing that our finger and body art product is the cheapest in the world on a "per tattoo" basis. 50grams will complete 250 large designs. These fake tattoos, once applied to the skin, look fantastic and realistic and last anywhere between 7days and 6 weeks, depending on skin type. No preparation of the skin is necessary, and there’s no maintenance afterwards.

Very simple to make up and apply. 'Anyone can do it!' In March 1999, we released our range of waterproof colors. The formula for these was improved and updated in late 2003. Four colors in all, these are ‘pre mixed’…ready to apply…another ‘world first’. A 50ml bottle will complete up to 120 large sized designs. However – note that Amunez colors are for “coloring in” and will not match the skin life of the super black. Not suitable for providing a long lasting color tattoo by itself. Tattoo sleeves were introduced in 2003 – but only exclusively for the fashion and movie/music industry. The exclusivity set for a four year period. In 2007 – a range of “tattoo sleeves” was made for the World Wide domestic market.

D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) kits are available and will provide over 150 good sized tattoos. See our products/price list and ordering pages for details. Check out some of the great photos of happy customers in our Photo Gallery.

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